Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Federal Government Guidelines

The Government of Pakistan has formulated the National Action Plan for COVID-19 Pakistan. The National action plan will serve as a policy document for ensuring that all guiding principles for outbreak preparedness, containment and mitigation are followed. The aim of the Policy is to develop a national preparedness & response plan for COVID-19 as a blueprint for pandemic preparedness for Pakistan under global health security agenda and to provide policy framework for federal, provincial and regional stakeholders for building capacity to prevent, detect and respond to any events due to COVID-19 or other novel pathogens with pandemic potential in Pakistan.

To this effect, the Government of Pakistan in consultation with the Ministry of National Health Services have issued several guidelines in various sector and activities to minimize the chance of the virus spreading in Pakistan. These guidelines include, Home Quarantine, Zoning of Hospitals, Social Distancing, Establishment of Quarantine Facility, Cleaning & Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in a Healthcare Facility, Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Diagnostic Test, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for the safe management of a Dead body, Preventive Measurements for Industries and Workers against COVID-19, Clinical Management Guidelines for COVID-19 Infection and Health & Safety of Building & Construction Workers.

The Government of Pakistan has also launched the Official Covid-19 status and news update website to spread awareness about the virus and how to take precautionary measures against it. The guidelines are available on the website.

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