Energy, Oil and Gas

The Firm’s practice in the Energy, Oil and Gas covers:

  • Retainer Counsel of O&M Contractor and Controlling Shareholder of Hubco in the Hubco Power Project since 1989 till present;
  • Retainer Counsel of SSGC from 1979 till 2000;
  • Advices of all types associated with oil and gas exploration, production and distribution;
  • Advising on legislation and regulatory and licensing regimes in Electricity Oil and Gas Sector;
  • Advising, drafting and negotiating project documents, including, agreements relating to sale of gas, gas swapping, procurement of gas line pipes, gas compressors, telecommunication and other related procurement contracts;
  • All types of service contracts, including, drafting and advising on Provident / Gratuity Fund and Group Insurance Schemes, etc. in the POE field;
  • Day to day advice on pipeline construction