The Firm’s litigation highlights over the last 40 years include, among others:

  • Handling 90% of all litigation work in Pakistan arising out of the liquidation of BCCI on behalf of the Worldwide Liquidators of BCCI (London, Luxembourg, Grand Cayman and Hong Kong) from 1991 till present;
  • Successfully prosecuting a banking suit filed by a prominent Japanese Trading House against Faysal Bank for breach of contract under an unconfirmed irrevocable Letter of Credit and obtaining a Decree from the Banking Court in the sum of US$22 million in a record time of 15 months from the date of filing of the Suit;
  • Successfully defending Greek Salvors in the Admiralty Jurisdiction upto the Supreme Court of Pakistan and remitting 100 percent of the claim with interest thereon;
  • Representing the Sindh Employees Social Security Institution from 1972 till present and maintaining a 90 percent success rate in all litigation matters in the Labour Court, High Court and Supreme Court;
  • The first reported case recognizing and applying the provisions of the New York Convention on Arbitration in Pakistan and dealing with Electronic Commerce was argued by a Member of the Firm (2006 PLD 664);
  • The first-ever arrest order of a transport aircraft issued by the High Court issued in Pakistan by a Member of the Firm (August 2010);
  • Member of the Firm was appointed Amicus Curie by the Hon’ble Division Bench of the High Court of Sindh involving a dispute with the Government of Pakistan on the applicability of the Companies Profits (Workers’ Participation Act, 1968 which submission was accepted in the judgment);
  • Represented a Multinational Oil Company in an ICC Arbitration;
  • Advised and assisted a US Law Firm prosecute a civil action for recovery of debt of US$50 million from the State Bank of Pakistan before the U.S. District Court of the Southern District Court of New York;
  • Senior Counsel appointed Chairman of International Arbitral Tribunal by KLRCA;
  • Senior Counsel represented several banks in a public interest litigation matter taken up by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in relation to write off loans since 1979 till present;

Regularly prosecuting:

  • banking suits filed on behalf of International and Local Banks for recovery of finances in the banking jurisdiction of the High Court;
  • Winding up proceedings;
  • Enforcement of New York Convention awards


Litigation work is supervised by a Former Judge of the High Court

Partner, CEDR Faculty and Accredited Mediator