Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Air Traffic, Railways, Ports and Demurrage

In light of the ongoing global crisis, Pakistan has taken significant steps in the Aviation, travel and Admiralty sectors.

Regular incoming flight operations have been suspended by the Government of Pakistan to ensure the health and safety of the people and travelers. A limited number of flights are being operated to ensure the safe return of nationals and the safety of passengers traveling to and from Pakistan. Currently, the Government is making efforts to take proactive, comprehensive and coordinated steps to bring back Pakistani nationals who wish to return to Pakistan. Pakistan Embassies and Missions abroad are actively supporting stranded Pakistanis in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis.  Upon arrival in Pakistan, all passengers and crew are subjected to a minimum of 48-hour state-monitored quarantine period.  Testing is also being conducted after 48-hours to ensure on-flight transmission of the virus is also monitored. The quarantine can be extended based on the result of the passenger’s Covid-19 test, or upon the discretion of governmental health authorities.  Passengers who are sent home after a negative test will be advised compulsory self-isolation to complete a 14-day period.  Any country that wants to repatriate its own nationals from Pakistan can do on special flights with Civil Aviation Authority permission. PIA is also continuing limited outbound flights. Please contact Civil Aviation Authority for information.

In the Maritime/Admiralty sector, the Government of Pakistan has introduced measures such as exempting items from Custom, Regulatory and Additional Custom Duty for a period of Three months, extension of free period for cargo/containers landing in Karachi Port Trust from 5 to 15 working days, requesting Shipping lines not to charge detention charges and other charges in connection with late delivery of goods and wavier of demurrage and detention charges by terminal authorities. Despite the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) notification to waive demurrage and detention charges, several privately-owned terminal authorities have and/or are currently defying the orders of the FBR. This has led to the Customs Enforcement Wings to send letters to these shipping lines and terminal operators disobeying the Notifications to strictly implement the directives of the FBR.


Railways and train stations also remain closed.

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